Psalms by Rivkah



Wake up you people

Wake up you land

Wake up all you little insects

Shout for joy, for your Father loves you.

Listen you people

Listen you mountains

Listen you birds

Listen carefully,  for your Father is singing a new song.

Can you hear it?

Can you hear the earth sigh?

Can you hear the trees grow?

The whole world delights because we belong to the King.

At the sound of His song

Flowers bloom, birds sing, lambs frolic.

It is springtime My child

Let us dance in the sunshine

Laugh for Me, My darling

Sing for Me, My sweet

Oh, how I delight in you My dear

My precious creation

As You sing, the land inhales

We inhale You into our lungs because You are life

The sound of Your name is the sound of breathing itself.


Rejoice everyone! For our Father is here

a song


A season of life without words

A destitute land.

Forgotten, abandoned, left for dead.

Why have you forsaken me, my God?

When will you remember me?

I cried out onto empty ears.

I searched high and low

I searched for You but You were nowhere to be seen.

Please, my God, remember me.

May Your anger towards me disappear,

Before I do.

In a destitute land, it was there.

It was there where you found me.

Broken, beaten, bleeding.

You lifted me in Your arms.

Cradled me close to Your chest.

I could hear the beating of Your heart against my ear.

Come, My darling daughter.

Come, rest in My arms.

Weep no more, daughter

For I am with you.

Along the still waters, I walked

Hand in hand, gazing into Your eyes

The warm glow of the sun on my bare face.

Forever loved, forever safe in Your care

And now, out of my mouth comes no more wailing

But rather a song.

A song of restoration

A song of grace.

Words that speak of Your majesty and saving power

A song for my King and my Beloved.

A song for the nation

A song for the future

A song



I hear You calling me closer

I feel You pulling me closer

Closer, closer, closer

But I am afraid

Afraid of coming too close

Afraid of the intensity of Your gaze

Knowing that I will be wrecked

Wrecked in love

Wrecked in awe

Starving for more

Needing more

More of You and less of me

Less of the world

But still, I am afraid

Afraid of who I may be in You

Afraid of the strength

Afraid of being seen

Desiring to be seen

Wanting to hide

Wanting to stand firm

Conflicting overflow of emotions

Not wanting to be who I used to be

Not knowing who I will be

It’s in this place I surrender


Letting go

Receiving. Healing.

Becoming whole

And still I must wait

In this place

Trusting. Knowing. Believing.


Cocooned in love

Cocooned in safety

Cocooned in stillness




Walking upon unknown territory

Not seeing the way up ahead

Aching feet, a weary heart

Open scratches that will scar

Overgrown plants and shrubbery that block my way

Faith is messy, I never knew

The faith I carried once so shiny and polished

Safely in a little box in my heart

The faith that won’t suffice for the journey ahead

Bold faith, He says

Real faith, raw faith

Blind faith, reckless faith

Faith that stretches you to breaking point,

And then a little further.

I bind His faithfulness and promises around my neck

My strength when I am weak

Reminders of who He is and will always be

King of all

Creator, Carpenter

Maker of ways

Faithful One