Oh, hello there!

My name is Bianca and I’d love to welcome you to my little corner on the Internet. I started  »Written by Rivkah«  in 2015 as a creative outlet and to have a safe space where I could process the transformation that was occurring as I walked with the Father day by day.

What started out as a random post here and there has blossomed and bloomed overtime into a very   »special place« for me to put my thoughts into words, share what is on my heart and to just simply be.

I was born and raised in  »South Africa«,  but consider myself a nomad of sorts. I spent 2016 living in Kent, England where my sister lives and was blessed to play an active role in my baby niece’s first year of life.

Many years ago,  »Yahweh planted the smallest seed in my heart to go and serve on the mission field«,  and as time has gone by, this little seed has taken a hold in my heart and has grown into a mighty mustard tree, and I am currently raising funds and serving cross-culturally in Ethiopia this year. Over the years I have blogged about this growth, the pain of broken dreams and disappointments and seasons of waiting and it is so amazing to see  »God’s promises«  come to life.

I have a heart for orphaned and abandoned children, and my desire is to  »speak life«  to them, and for them to know how wildly and unconditionally loved they are by the One who made them.

»Why Rivkah?«   Her story of bravery in the face of the unknown and her commitment to follow Him blindly is one of courage and boldness. It is a way of living that I pray for and strive to achieve in my own life.

»My mandate for this blog is to speak truth in the hard places«.   I believe so much in the healing power of being real in the raw, difficult seasons of life where one can be unapologetically oneself.

My journey is about learning to listen to the  »cadence resounding in my own heart«  and to march to that drum beat. I am just a 20-something year old, pondering life and trying to uncover the Father’s will for her life simply by taking one step at a time.

Little by little one travels far

Many Blessings

Bianca ♥



→I’d love to hear from you! To connect, click here.

→To read more about my trip to Ethiopia and how you can help, click here.


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. veeceethegiantslayer says:

    I am new to WordPress. And stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. I read a few and just wanted to encourage you to keep going!! No matter the season, He has called us to endure and to fight on. Don’t lose heart my sister in Christ. He is with you and FOR you! Pop on over to my site someday, and say hello 😉 Lord bless!! -VeeCee


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