A few fun facts about Ethiopia

As I will be travelling to Ethiopia next week, I thought I’d share a few facts about the country I’ll be visiting!

  1. Addis Ababa, which means ‘New Flower’ is the highest capital city in Africa at 2,400 metres and the third highest in the world.
  2. Over 80 languages are spoken in Ethiopia. The most widely spoken languages are Oromo and Amharic.
  3. Ethiopia fought against the Scramble for Africa and is one of the few countries that has never been colonized.
  4. Coffee was discovered here. A shepherd discovered this famous beverage when his goats ate the leaves and became restless. It is considered impolite to refuse a cup of coffee.
  5. About 70% of the mountains of Africa are in Ethiopia
  6. The Ethiopian calendar has 13 months in it and it is 7,5 years behind the Gregorian Calendar…anyone for shedding a few years off?
  7. Ethiopians measure time from when the sun rises and count time on the opposite side of the clock. When the sun rises at 6 o’clock, it is said to be 12 o’clock.
  8. The source of the Blue Nile begins in Ethiopia, which together with the White Nile makes up the Nile River.
  9. Ethiopia is among the oldest countries on the planet, having been established in 980 B.C.
  10. Ethiopians celebrate their new year on September 11. It is called Enkutatash.



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