Thank You

fully funded

I thought you’d all be excited to know that I am officially fully funded! A few days ago, I still had $400 to raise and after one last appeal, the money just flowed in and it was absolutely and wonderfully overwhelming.

It had me in an almost constant state of tears because, in all honesty, I feel completely undeserving. I have failed the Father countless times along this journey. I didn’t just struggle with small faith, there were times when I had NO faith. There were times when I couldn’t fight on. I allowed myself to get knocked down, lose focus, and stay down. I took out any pain, rejection or anger on Him; but still He did this. Still, He kept His word and still, He made a way.

I am not saying this out of pity. I am saying this because it’s the truth and I need people to know what He has done for me. He never gave up on me, even in my brokenness, even when I was ready to give up. He has carried me every step of the way, not once was I able to do it alone and not once did He expect me to. And so, before I thank anyone, I need to thank Him.

Father, thank you. You are such a mighty and powerful God, yet You remain so very personal. Thank You for allowing me to weep and feel disheartened, even when You were making my dreams come true. Thank You that I was allowed to sit at Your feet and be so incredibly broken, yet still You were there. The epitome of grace and mercy and unconditional love as You carried me every step of the way. Thank You for not giving up on me and for believing in me. You have all the glory and all the honour, and my only hope and prayer is that I’ll be able to reflect this wherever you choose to take me.

I struggled with how to go about thanking people. I have been so blessed by so many, but there are a few that I would like to mention as they have been with me from day one. They allowed me to cry and be so very real as I struggled through this new process. Not only that, but they also made me laugh countless times and told me it was all going to be OK.

Bronwyn ♥ My sister, what would I have done without you? You protected me and supported me in a way that only a big sister can. When I had to look rejection in the face, you were there to defend me and stand by me. This last year in England with you and precious Alexa, has been a treasured gift, one that I will carry with me always.

Lauren ♥ My sister in Yeshua. You have been speaking and investing into my life, long before this journey of missions began. You taught me the importance of being real in any situation, and though at times it still remains a struggle for me, the Father has brought amazing healing through this. Thank you for all your words of encouragement and continuous prayer.

And to Leandi ♥ The Father knew what He was doing the day He brought us together all those years ago at University. In our friendship, you have this amazing ability to provide an open space for me to be myself. You manage to get me to speak and open up when I really don’t want to and I have always benefited from this. Never once have you told me that I am not allowed to feel what I am feeling or made me feel that who I am is not OK…Thank you for this.

And lastly, I, of course need to thank my mom and dad for their support and for accepting this crazy path that the Father has planned for me. Mom ♥ Your prayers have got me through some hard times. Thank you for being such a wonderful Mama Bear.

I could really go on and on, I want to honour each and everyone of you reading this. In my life, there have often been times when I have felt rather alone. Through this, the Father has shown me the beautiful support structure He has placed around me. It didn’t all happen at once and no, we’re not all housed under one church; and no, some of you don’t even believe in God; in fact, most of you don’t even know one another, but you are ALL people I feel so truly blessed to know. You have all impacted my life in some way and I thank you. There are too many names to mention, so please know – if I sent this to you it’s because I am talking about you.

Man, it has been a long journey, but I know it’s only the beginning!

I really just wanted to use this space to, first and foremost, thank the Father; and to thank you. Thank you for investing your time and your money and for believing in me.

In Him, always

Bianca ♥


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