27 days.jpg

Today, I counted the days until I leave:


The numbers of years I have lived.

I am sitting here, so incredibly overwhelmed, but in the most beautiful of ways. I am bubbling on the inside – butterflies taking flight. I cannot believe how good the Father has been to me. I am in awe that He has chosen me for this.

Someone so imperfect; so flawed. Yet, He chose me, and not only that, He is making a way.

I feel so unprepared. Heart racing; mind racing. Words spilling forth, not even sure if I am making sense.

But me, He says. Me. I am the one He wants to send. No qualification; no experience. Just me.

And again, my heart takes flight, soaring above all the doubts and fears and what ifs.

Thank You for choosing me. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for saving me.

my heart takes flight.jpg


One thought on “27

  1. Kathy says:

    Can you believe it. It must truly be a bag of mixed emotions. What started out as a dream has come to fruition. Praise the Father!!


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