February Newsletter 2017

Hello lovely friends ♥

I thought that a newsletter was in order as so much as happened that I’d like to share with you.

Firstly, I want to say a MASSIVE heartfelt thanks! We reached the first target of $870 on the 28th of January. Even though we only had 12 days to do so, God was so incredibly faithful, and it couldn’t have been done without you. The emotional support and words of encouragement I have received have helped me greatly. It has helped me through times of doubt or negative feedback and comments received, so thank you. Though I have such confidence in what the Father is doing, I do go through times where I lack confidence in myself, so it really means so much to receive encouragement from those around me.

The second target will be at the end of this month, (28/02/17) and so I ask you to please carry on spreading the word. Thank you.

Secondly, I am so excited to have an article I wrote for Velvet Ashes be published this month. Velvet Ashes is an online community of women serving overseas.

‘We are a unique tribe, bonded by the shared journey of uprooting our lives and re-rooting in foreign soil. We are wired for relationship with women, women we can laugh and cry with, women who whisper into out dark places and say, “I know.” Velvet Ashes is here to connect the hearts of women who are separated by geography but bound together by the life of serving overseas.’

I have been a subscriber to Velvet Ashes for many years now, always drawing encouragement from the articles. So much of what the women shared resonated with me, even though I wasn’t there serving on the field – I always sensed it was where I was headed. It is an absolute honour to have my words be published alongside the stories belonging to women that have inspired me and helped me to press on in what sometimes felt like an unbearable season of waiting.

Each week, a different theme is picked and the prompt for my week is ‘connect’. The article will be published on the 22nd of February, so keep your eyes open as I will share it here as well as on Instagram.

This month, I will be returning to sunny South Africa. It is a bit unexpected on my side, as the original plan was to go directly to Ethiopia from England, but the Father began to lay going home quite heavily on my heart, and after a bit of wrestling with the idea, I will be returning home to spend some quality time with friends and family and prepare my heart for the journey ahead. I must also say, I am looking forward to getting away from the winter and having some sun on my face.

Lastly, I am so very excited to tell you that I have  been invited to share my testimony at an exhibition on the 11th of March.

‘The Heroine Collection 2017, a unique collection of 13 women’s stories from history. Women you never knew about, women whose lives were powerful, touching, inspirational, provoking a sense of challenge – to look at our own lives! An afternoon filled with powerful testimonies of brokenness, God’s goodness, and how your story is not over yet, but it’s only just begun.’


At the beginning of the year, I felt to prayer for an opportunity to share my testimony, as I never have before and felt that it was time. I, however, assumed that it would happen in Ethiopia. A dear friend, Lauren, shared about this exciting project God had placed on her heart almost a year ago, and even as she shared it with me last year, not once did I think that I’d even be there, let alone speaking, that is, until the Father began to speak to us individually, a few weeks ago, about me needing to be there.

I am really excited and honoured to be apart of this, but I am also pretty scared at the prospect of standing in front of 80 people and sharing my personal story, but I also know that the Father has opened this door for a reason and so I am choosing to walk through it.

And so, finally, that brings me to the end. Congratulations if you made it this far, wink. Currently, it feels like time is just flying and I am only just managing to cling on, but I am so completely in awe of all the Father has done in the space of a few weeks, He is really carrying me through so much.

Again, thank you to everyone who has come alongside me on this exciting, scary, wonderful journey. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

May He bless you,




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