An Ethiopian Adventure

bianca-pipeDear Friends and Family,                                                                                                

As some of you know, I have been accepted to go and serve with Blessing the Children International in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia. God willing, I will be flying out at the end of April for 3 months. Mission work is something that I have felt passionate about for many years now and after a lot of prayer and consideration, I believe that now is the time to step into this calling He has placed in my heart.

Blessing the Children International was founded in 2001 for the purpose of helping children. As the BCI ministry has grown their mission has been to help orphans, widows and those in distress. Not only do they minister to the physical needs but they also pour into the spiritual lives of children with the Word of God to lead them not only to salvation but also into a life of servitude and spiritual growth, and I am deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to serve alongside them.

I thought that I would include some facts about Ethiopia and why I have such a heart for her people.

  • Ethiopia counts one of the largest populations of orphans in the world with an estimated 5 million children as orphans.
  • Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, and due to war, famine and epidemics it is also one of the poorest.
  • Half the children in Ethiopia will never attend school, and of those that do, 88% will not go on to high school.

So, yes, Ethiopia is a country of great need, but I also see a resilient people who have endured through many hardships. I see a land and people deeply loved by God. During my time there, I will be helping where help is most needed. This could be in the school, the orphanage or visiting the struggling families in the area.

As is with most mission trips, if not all, I am expected to raise the funds that will support me in my time in Ethiopia. The cost of the 3-month trip is $2,610. This will cover the cost of travel, accommodation, meals, translators etc. As much as I wish that I had the funds myself, I know that the Father is going to greatly grow my faith as I trust in Him to provide and make a way for His will to be done.

  • First payment of $870 due – 28/01/2017
  • Second payment of $870 due – 28/02/2017
  • Third and final payment of $870 due – 28/03/2017

I am excited about the opportunity and experiences that lie ahead. I pray that you can see the value in the work being done, and I ask that you please consider coming alongside me by offering any financial support, big or small. I also ask that you if you feel to, that you would please share this email. I am so grateful for any help offered.

Lastly, I ask you to please pray for me before and during the trip, because if I am being completely honest, as excited as I am, I am also afraid. I am afraid of the challenges that lie ahead. I am very aware that I am but dust serving a great and powerful God, and I ask that you please pray that I will not be overwhelmed by the great task at hand with regards to not only raising the support but with also serving in a country where there is a great need. Please pray for strength and courage and a bold faith, but also to keep my eyes fixed on Him as I know that this will be for His glory. Please pray for the BCI ministry as I so believe in the work that they are doing with the wonderful children of Ethiopia.


To donate: Click here

  • By clicking this link, you will be able to donate via PayPal, (PayPal account not needed). If you would prefer to donate directly to the BCI organization, you can do this too – the link is on this page.After clicking the link, scroll to the bottom where it says “one time gift”, select “mission trip” from the drop down menu and type to be used for “Bianca Pipe Mission Trip”. All donations made to BCI will remain anonymous and you will receive a donation  receipt from them.  There is also the option of donating directly into my South African account.

I have included the link to the BCI blog, as it is updated more regularly, and you can get a better idea of the good work that is being done.


Many Blessings,




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