I hear You calling me closer

I feel You pulling me closer

Closer, closer, closer

But I am afraid

Afraid of coming too close

Afraid of the intensity of Your gaze

Knowing that I will be wrecked

Wrecked in love

Wrecked in awe

Starving for more

Needing more

More of You and less of me

Less of the world

But still, I am afraid

Afraid of who I may be in You

Afraid of the strength

Afraid of being seen

Desiring to be seen

Wanting to hide

Wanting to stand firm

Conflicting overflow of emotions

Not wanting to be who I used to be

Not knowing who I will be

It’s in this place I surrender


Letting go

Receiving. Healing.

Becoming whole

And still I must wait

In this place

Trusting. Knowing. Believing.


Cocooned in love

Cocooned in safety

Cocooned in stillness



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