It is springtime, My child


                                                                     Wake up you people

Wake up you land

Wake up all you little insects

Shout for joy, for your Father loves you.


Listen you people

Listen you mountains

Listen you birds

Listen carefully,  for your Father is singing a new song.


Can you hear it?

Can you hear the earth sigh? 

Can you hear the trees grow?

The whole world delights because we belong to the King.


At the sound of His song

Flowers bloom, birds sing, lambs frolic.


It is springtime My child

Let us dance in the sunshine

Laugh for Me, My darling

Sing for Me, My sweet

Oh, how I delight in you My dear

My precious creation


As You sing, the land inhales

We inhale You into our lungs because You are life

The sound of Your name is the sound of breathing itself. 



Rejoice everyone! For our Father is here



One thought on “It is springtime, My child

  1. Kathy Pipe says:

    This just really lifted my spirit. We get so caught up in the mundane and forget to breathe in the beauty and lI’ve that is His.


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