A Song

a song

A season of life without words

A destitute land.

Forgotten, abandoned, left for dead.

Why have you forsaken me, my God?

When will you remember me?

I cried out onto empty ears.

I searched high and low

I searched for You but You were nowhere to be seen.

Please, my God, remember me.

May Your anger towards me disappear,

Before I do.

In a destitute land, it was there.

It was there where you found me.

Broken, beaten, bleeding.

You lifted me in Your arms.

Cradled me close to Your chest.

I could hear the beating of Your heart against my ear.

Come, My darling daughter.

Come, rest in My arms.

Weep no more, daughter

For I am with you.

Along the still waters, I walked

Hand in hand, gazing into Your eyes

The warm glow of the sun on my bare face.

Forever loved, forever safe in Your care

And now, out of my mouth comes no more wailing

But rather a song.

A song of restoration

A song of grace.

Words that speak of Your majesty and saving power

A song for my King and my Beloved.

A song for the nation

A song for the future

A song


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