Be Kind To Yourself


I’ve been reflecting a lot on this age. 25. There are so many blog posts written about it. I just need to speak to my friends to know what a confused bunch of adult children we are. I mean, there’s a reason Britney Spears made millions with her song I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

Today, I was speaking to a colleague of mine who is in her late 30s. When she asked my age, her reply?

‘Oh gosh! Your mid-twenties are the worst. I did not enjoy that age.’

To which I felt immense relief. What is it about this age that makes us feel like we are meant to have it all together? It’s the age where we can afford our own doctor’s appointments, but can still get away with desperately wanting your mom to nurse you back to health. It’s the age where you can get away with travelling around the world for a year, but also where daunting words such as retirement annuity and pension fund get thrown around. The age where you are no longer labelled too young should you be getting married or are engaged, but where it’s also ok if you’re flying solo and don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend in near sight. This age is neither here nor there, and I think that’s a part of why we’re all confused.

So, I can only say one thing: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself when everyone around you seems to be thriving and
you feel like you are barely surviving. Be kind to yourself when your friends are jetting all over the world and you’ve been driving with your petrol light on for the past 3 days. Be kind to yourself when people have medical aids, savings accounts and bonds for their houses, and you don’t even know what a bond is. Be kind to yourself when the first person you call when you are stuck outside your complex block at 23h30 at night is your mom, even though she is 500kms away and can’t
do a thing. Be kind to yourself when the people at work have all this life experience and have mastered the art of ‘it’s water off a ducks back‘ when a client is being otherwise, but you go home and cry about it.

Be kind to yourself: You don’t need to have it all together. Be kind to yourself: Forget what they say about not allowing yourself to cry over spilled milk, if you want to, you cry. Be kind to yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be kind to yourself when you have an off day, or more like an off month. You don’t need to be perfect, and being kinder to yourself will only make for smoother navigating around Adulthood. Be kind to yourself in this adult child phase. Making mistakes, saying things you don’t mean to, feeling like a headless chicken, is all ok. It doesn’t make you a failure, in fact, it makes you normal, because there are millions of fellow 25 year olds walking around bruised and battered by life, so take heart and be


2 thoughts on “Be Kind To Yourself

  1. Marshmallow says:

    Another bit of science trivia garnered along the way is that your brain does not mature until you are 25, your though processes are still not mature enough and you will on the odd occasion still make the wrong the rent or splurge on those amazing shoes. But it’s true be kind to yourself because when you look again they say you’re at that age where brain fog is common and that’s onky 25 years further down the line…. hang on what else did I want to say😨


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