June Bug

goodbye june

I cannot believe that June has up and left, just like that. The ‘hump day’ of the year is but a speck in our rear view mirror. You know when you cite the alphabet out loud and you get to LMNO..P! but it kind of spills out as elimino P!, well that’s what the rest of the year is like, just spilling out, with the P! being December. It’s as if the pilot has put on the seatbelt sign because we have officially begun our descent.

June passed in a blur, and frankly? Good riddance…and I say that with a lot of love for Ol’ June Bug but it is time for a new season. I definitely feel like I have stepped into a new season. I am feeling hopeful and positive and I have truly learned that in every season, He is still God, and oh my, what a relief. I just want to sing His praises because He has kept me snuggled warmly in His blanket of grace. I found Psalm 143 the other day and I am just holding so tightly to those words.

psalm 143

I started whole 30 at the beginning of this month after having a wheat-related scare. I’ve always known that my body had a low wheat threshold, but I have never reacted to it the way I did that day. I am aware I can be overly dramatic at times, but there was a stage where I was worried that I would have to go to the hospital…BUT  I am grateful that I had that experience, because it has scared me straight. I started to live a more paleo friendly lifestyle a few months ago, but I got lazy and well then wheat happened..so I am glad to say that I am back on track and loving it! Seriously, do it! I am only on day 8 and I cannot believe the difference I feel. Sure, I’ve had my grumpy for no reason days and yes I am currently sporting a beautiful breakout that makes me want to wear a brown bag in public, but man! The benefits? Amazing! I have so much more energy. So much so, that last night I ended up in bed later than usual because I no longer NEED the 9 hours of sleep to get through the next day, and yes this has its pros and cons, because let’s face it: Sleeping is lovely, but my head is clear and fuzz free and I no longer feel like I have just been darted with an elephant tranquiliser. I feel like I have stepped off the emotional rollercoaster that has been my life lately and am now smoothly cruising down the Seine. Ah, sweet bliss.

A project I have decided to start, for my blog. A Bloject? A Plog? Is 101 things in 1,001 days. Simply list 101 tasks/goals that you would like to complete/accomplish in 1,001 days. That’s 2.78 years. More realistic than new year’s resolutions and far more detailed than any old bucket list where the list grows, instead of shortening. It gives you enough time to save if one of them is visiting a new country yet adds a certain amount of pressure to prevent procrastination so that you will just try baking that lemon meringue pie already. So here’s my list. I will be keeping you up to date with posts here and there regarding my experiences. I really think it’s a good thing because how often have you put off the simple things in life due to a hectic schedule or merely because you’re stuck in your routine. It’s so important to make time for this, if buying yourself flowers once a month puts a smile on your beautiful face then DO IT! Look after yourself – you deserve it!

Well, that’s enough sweet talking. I think I have left you with enough homework: Start whole 30 and begin to make your own 101 in 1,001 list. Trust me.. And tell me about it!!

Know that God loves you

Rivkah x

hello july


One thought on “June Bug

  1. Marshmallow says:

    Yes, halleluyah to that wheat and sugar tranquiluser reaching its sell by date. I feel completely liberated as I too started the Whole 30 and Paleo on the same day as you. Let’s embrace July. Let’s thank God for His grace and love. Now to try and tackle 101 in 1001🐴


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