You Can’t Take Me


This evening while I was cooking dinner, I decided to listen to some music. One of my favourite CDs of all time is the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron soundtrack. I was given this as a gift for my birthday this year from a special person. Since then, I have listened to it countless times. Spirit is one of the best movies out there! It has such good life lessons, and just a feel good movie. I really enjoy watching animations as I always learn something from them. Movies today are so pointless and you don’t often get to take something away from them…but that is another discussion all together.

A song came on and as I was singing along, the words really started to awaken something in my spirit. I feel very much like it is my war cry for this time in my life. I sing these words with conviction and with hope, knowing that I will overcome because as I was singing this, I knew the Father was singing songs of victory over me.

If you haven’t watched Spirit, I really encourage you to do so. It is an amazing it’s about horses which makes it even better


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Take Me

  1. Marshmallow says:

    It’s so amazing that a song or a psalm can mean different things to you at different times in your life. You can hear the same song over and over and one day it’s like a light bulb moment. It’s so amazing. I really loved this blog.


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