The Gratitude Challenge

My motto for the past few weeks has been ‘Let gratitude be your attitude.’

Can I be honest? I’m pretty sure that I have failed…miserably, especially recently. I am not going to go into all the details of my sad little pity party, but I have decided to try something new. I think in this day and age, and all the research that has gone into these topics, we are all aware of the benefits of having a positive outlook on life. It doesn’t mean life is always the bee’s knees, but it’s about seeing the blessing in the storm, appreciating how much we do have, and to stop taking things for granted. All things that I have not being doing..until now.

gratitude challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest. Yes, I love Pinterest, and yes there are a lot of really strange pictures floating around and yes it can often lead to a lot of time being wasted, but for the most part I leave feeling rather inspired. I love how I can find a scripture and feel like it was specifically meant for me for that day. So, anyhow, if you’d like to take a look at my Pinterest page then click here.

Back to the picture. It was titled 52 weeks of gratitude challenge, and immediately it had my attention. From the get go I knew what I wanted to do with it, follow the prompts and blog about it. But for some strange reason, instead of starting right away, I saved it to my phone and forgot about it for the most part. Now and then I would open it up and stare at it, but something inside me just couldn’t bring myself to officially start. Then the past few days happened. I began to feel like I was walking around with my own personal rain cloud above my head. I feel like I’ve been living as an Eeyore in a world full of Tiggers. I know how ridiculously spoiled I sound, but being positive is something I really battle with, I don’t want to work towards seeing the silver lining, I just want to see it. You get people like that, so positive, even when life throws them the sour-ist of lemons. I know people like that, they are a blessing and I know God has placed these cute little Positive Patties in my life. I saw that first hand after yesterday’s blog how supportive they were. So here is a shout out to my little Positive Patties, sometimes your positivity makes me tired, but man do I love you!!

eeyore lifestyle

So, number one on the list

  1. Why start this challenge

After walking around with this rain cloud over my head I had an epiphany while having quiet time with the Father this evening. He has blessed me beyond measure, and though I know it, I don’t always feel it. I feel very much like I’ve been having some silent, and sometimes not so silent, tantrums. As in legit throwing toys out of the cot, stamping my feet, really embarrassing tantrums. I know admitting to this is probably not placing me in any good books, but I said I would always be real. The good, the bad and the ugly..and well, here is the ugly. I feel awkward even typing this, but why didn’t He make me a Positive Patty? Why do I need to work so hard to not be a Negative Nelly? Aarghhh!

Moving along…

Anyways, I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit..or break one for that matter. And that is my reason for starting this challenge. I want to form a habit of being positive and grateful and in doing so break the Negative Nelly habit of being ungrateful and taking things for granted. It might seem like a sad little challenge, but yesterday a friend said to me that sometimes you just have to appreciate the smaller things in life. My response at the time? Blegh. But today I learned that this is just something that I have to do, and something that I have to work at, and I pray that as the days go on and the challenge grows that I will stop being pessimistic and instead be optimistic about what this may do for me. There are times in life when what comes easy to you may not come easy to others and vice versa, but that doesn’t mean you don’t work at it, or try to make a change, and this is something I really want for myself, so surely, if I am sincere in my desire to change, then I won’t be afraid of rising to the challenge.

It’s time to turn a new leaf and bid farewell to the Eeyore lifestyle


4 thoughts on “The Gratitude Challenge

  1. Marshmallow says:

    I loved this … It was so real ha ha. And 21 days to change a habit, I shall also march forward and try it. Although I would rather be a Positive Polly than a Pattie because I immediately think of a hamburger pattie or a veggie pattie. .Which makes me think I should stop thinking about food so much. But mentioning Eeyore makes me think of a certain bear with honey and then I think of toast with honey …….


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