A grateful heart


There are a few reasons as to why I started this blog. One being that I needed to change my perspective on life. Those closest to me know that I’ve been going through quite a difficult time recently, as we all go through sometimes, but I think I started to see life in a negative light. I wasn’t able to see the blessings in the storm, or how God was providing for me, or just how beautiful life in itself can be. And so I decided to start a blog as my own little project to try and shift the focus a little bit.

Today has been a bit of a sad one for me and so I feel it’s particularly important to see the beauty in it all and just to share a few things that I am grateful for.

1. My mom: I think my sisters completely agree with me when I say that we have the best mom in the world. She went back home today and my heart has been so sad but I am so grateful that I have such a loving caring mom, who came and spent a few days with me and just spoiled and loved me. It doesn’t mean that our relationship is perfect and everything is always hunky dory but today I feel so grateful to God that when He was thinking me up that He chose my mom to raise me and nurture me and to introduce me into this world. She is selfless and would go to the ends of the earth for her children. And I am so thankful for her! Plus, she tickles my back and cooks me dinner which is a highly important bonus!

2. A dear friend: Yesterday I said another goodbye to my friend Nicola. We went to school together and have kept contact as life has taken us on our unique journeys. I don’t often get to see her, we’ve been separated by oceans and thousands of miles for years now but somehow everytime we see each other it is as if no time has passed. She’s the friend that I don’t often speak to and maybe see once a year if that, but still we remain close to one another’s hearts. Our friendship has always been real and spending time with her is lovely. She just lifts my spirits and makes me feel like it is all going to be ok. She’s always positive and willing to give of herself to others and I think that’s a rare gift. I believe it was God’s hand in this reunion as she brought so much life and light and it was just what I needed. I am going to miss her so much as she enters into this new season of her life but I feel so blessed to have a friendship like this as few people find such a treasure!

3. And lastly, I am grateful to God. These past few months have been tough and I have messed up and made mistakes almost daily. I’ve kicked and screamed my way through life, throwing tantrums a 2 year old would be proud of and yet His unfailing love has carried me through. He’s never left me, even though at times I accused Him of doing just that! He has completely clothed me in His grace and mercy and today I have a grateful heart because though I may have to say some good byes to people, I will never have to say good bye to Him and that just fills my heart with joy!

It’s tough sometimes looking for the silver lining when life just feels so bleh..and truthfully, I haven’t wanted to recently. It’s easier to play the wounded soldier..but that ship has sailed for me. I want to live life with a grateful heart not because it’s perfect, but because I’m alive and well. And yes it’s cliché, but what harm is a good and true cliché?


One thought on “A grateful heart

  1. Marshmallow says:

    It is in the small and sometimes insignificant things that we truly see God’s grace. Not just in the huge fanfare of life. It’s in the ordinary and sometimes uneventful situations that we are brought low, but its in those times when we experience His love. One small step in the right direction can turn into a journey of insurmountable possibilities. Gratitude is one of the steps. Thank you can sometimes mean so much more.🌷


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