A Proud Cat Lady


So, it seems only right that my first post is dedicated to my cutie, Phoebe. I know, I know, being a cat lady is something we’re supposed to hide, but as a vet nurse, I feel I have the right to admit to this…I am also pretty sure that I took an oath when I qualified to be a self-confessed cat lady. So, meet Phoebe. This is a picture of her when I first got her:

IMG00916-20120226-1412I mean, have you ever? I got her in 2012 from the first hospital I worked at. We used to rehome a lot of stray dogs and cats and when I met her I just had to take her home. My initial reason for getting a cat was because I didn’t grow up around cats, but rather horses and dogs, (much like the British) and so I decided I needed a cat of my own. I was hoping that getting to know her would better equip me when working with cats in the hospital. Has Phoebe made it easier to work with other cats? Uhh NOOO! In fact, I am probably more afraid. When I spend time with Phoebe, her unpredictability causes me to switch suddenly from amazement to utter fear. It’s exhausting! I am in a constant state of awareness, my senses are heightened, as I never know from which dark corner she may pounce and come in for the kill. You have to keep a wide berth around drawn curtains or table cloths, my toes are always falling victim to her fiendish skill. Even when I am sleeping I am aware, no toes may peek out from under the duvet as she will get you. Believe me, when it is 4AM and she grabs hold of a phalange, you get the shock of your life. I don’t believe I own a friend that trusts her. I have one friend that insists on only stroking her with a TV remote or some lengthy object so that she can share the love but is still kept at a safe distance. The truth is her looks are very misleading, especially now in winter: she looks like a baby seal. She rolls on her back, baring her belly to the world, inviting people in and as their hands draw closer I can just see her mischievous eyes twinkling. I have learned by now to warn people, but there are still times when people fall prey. I am seriously considering investing in a sign that says ‘Beware the Cat!’. People think I am joking, until they meet her.

That being said, she brings me great happiness and has the ability to turn a bad day into a good one. I look forward to coming home at the end of the day to my cuddly cat, even if I have to sometimes force her to love me, I know deep down she does! She has the funniest characteristics and can keep me entertained for ages. My mom is visiting at the moment and just this morning, while my mom was still asleep, she tried using my mom’s face as a ladder for her to reach a windowsill. Priceless!

2014-02-09 00.05.28Anyways, Phoebe says it’s time for bed, so I best be making haste

Rivkah xx


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