The courage to feel

A friend of mind sent me this video recently and I can't help but not share it. I actually wish it could be compulsory for the whole world to watch it - now wouldn't that be a dream? It is titled the gift and power of emotional courage and about how we as people have … Continue reading The courage to feel


Goodbye 2017

I love reflecting at the end of the year. I love taking time to savour the last page in the book, before finally closing it and opening a new one. This year, however has felt different. I've been in a rush to get it done so I can toss it aside and move on into … Continue reading Goodbye 2017

One week later

And so, I have been in Ethiopia for one whole week, although truth be told, it feels a whole lot longer than that. I didn't know it was possible to feel so many extreme emotions in the space of a few days, but feel them I most certainly have.  I didn't have the best start … Continue reading One week later

Thank You

I thought you'd all be excited to know that I am officially fully funded! A few days ago, I still had $400 to raise and after one last appeal, the money just flowed in and it was absolutely and wonderfully overwhelming. It had me in an almost constant state of tears because, in all honesty, … Continue reading Thank You